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Examples of Our Work


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About Paintings To Go

"Paintings To Go, Inc. is dedicated to fulfilling the growing public of discriminating fine art lovers, both amateur and professional, for whom looking at works of art is a serious form of recreation and pleasure. Our clients are those who would like to buy and own reliable art reproductions of famous masterpieces to increase their appreciation and understanding of fine art, as well as, decorate their home or office." is a Fine Art Gallery based in New York and we specialize in 100% completely hand painted oil on canvas reproductions of the best-loved vital masterpieces of the world. Our famous masterpiece reproductions are sold throughout the world to individual clientele, the trade, gallery owners, interior designers, restauranteurs, hotels and other fine businesses and institutions. We also have a convenient service for the creation of portraits from your photographs and additional sources for the purchase of fine art prints, posters, and specials.

"Specializing in all key movements from medieval religious paintings to Neo-impressionism and more. The integrity of our 100% completely hand painted oil on canvas reproductions is unsurpassed, in style, energy and passion. Relish in the monumentality which imbues these classic works of art with the genius of the greatest works created throughout the ages of recorded history."

Your Guarantee of Excellence

We promise to maintain our uncompromising standard of excellence of the best art, service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each fine art reproduction comes with a "30-Day Money Back Guarantee." If you are not completely satisfied, we are not satisfied. Buy our fine art reproductions with the confidence of knowing there is no risk to you.

About Our Reproductions

Our dramatic collection of fine art reproductions of the world's greatest paintings are very affordable and available for sale for your customized orders and commission. View our easy-to-use Artists A-Z Index, or the Fine Art Movement Galleries Index, to locate the artist and painting of your choice. Browse artists, as diverse as: Giotto, Da Vinci, Alma-Tadema, Van Gogh, Kahlo, Manet, Monet, Fra Angelico, Canaletto, Kandinsky, Klimt, Botticelli, Bierstadt, Stuart and more. Venues include: still life, landscapes, seascapes, portraits, famous people, abstracts, and so much more of the New artists will be added on a regular basis.

Technical Expertise

Each 100% completely hand painted oil on canvas reproduction adheres to the integrity and technical discipline, depth of color, spirit and energy of the original painting, as created by the "old master" artists. Our superb collection of Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, English and American paintings showcase the development of techniques, subject matter and styles as they evolved throughout the ages and within the various and different countries.

Each reproduction is custom created for you at the time of your purchase. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for the completion of your painting(s). Additional time may be needed for exceedingly complex paintings, or paintings with a heavy impasto. Typically, additional time will be needed for the paint to dry, such as for the art of the impressionist's movement, i.e., a Van Gogh reproduction. For this, an additional 3 to 5 days may be required for shipping.

The time for the creation of a reproduction(s) also depends upon the size and the number of paintings ordered, as well as, the accessibility of locating suitable images to be used as reference when creating your reproduction(s).

About Our Artists

Expert painters, with years of art training and experience, qualify to creat these 100% completely hand painted fine art oil on canvas reproductions. Each artist is a specialist and dedicated to his or her art key movement, period, or school of art. Reproductions are started on a blank canvas and are exquisitely translated into dynamic and spirited fine art masterpiece reproductions. Our master artists are highly capable in rendering the most complex and intricate of paintings. Only the finest quality oil paint, brushes and artist's tools are used on top quality canvas. The reproductions shown on this site are but a small selection of the hundreds to thousands of choices available to you from a vast collection of fine art throughout the centuries.

Reproductions of priceless works of art, only once admired in museums and owned by private collectors, can now be yours. Our reproductions are competitively priced, so you can now buy fine art to own and enjoy in your home or office. These spectacular reproductions are a fraction of the price of the original painting. Our authentic reproductions can be executed in the actual size of the original work of art, or a standard size of your choice. All are beautifully executed in quality oil on canvas by university-educated master artists who are highly accomplished in the fine art of painting, within their specialized field.

Why settle on viewing world famous art, once only available at a museum or in an art book? Now, you can own a 100% completely hand painted oil on canvas reproduction with the superb beauty, texture and richness the master artists intended.

For further information or requests, please contact us at:

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A great collaboration is central to the successful outcome of every custom oil painting, and art project. Developing a dynamic partnership takes attention to detail, clear communication and a sense of adventure. We respond by finding solutions that are fresh and unique to: Residential, Hospitality, Trade, and Corporate & Green Art
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