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FENG SHUI: Ancient Language of Symbolism
"The Chinese System of Balancing the Energy Patterns of the Physical Universe."

The Chinese culture has many symbols of attracting good fortune and flowing energy that will enhance Good Luck, Growth and Prosperity in your home or office. Paintings or ceramics that depict waterfalls, landscapes, fruits, animals, and flowers are strategically placed in your home or office to create the cosmic breath of Chi.
Shui, Feng-Cranes
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Shui, Feng

Shui, Feng-Blossoms
Details Zoom
Shui, Feng

Shui, Feng-Dragon
Details Zoom
Shui, Feng

Shui, Feng-Water
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Shui, Feng

Shui, Feng-Double Fish with Peach
Details Zoom
Shui, Feng
Double Fish with Peach

Good omen animals such as Cranes attract longevity; the Double fish symbol wards off evil intentions and the Frog with gold coin in its mouth heralds prosperity in business. A pair of Mandarin ducks bring happiness in Love.

The flowing energy of Water is the prognosticator of change and is symbolic of constant change and growth - never stagnant - and represents the new moon and the beginning of a new cycle.

Flowers brighten any room and get rid of "dark corners" that can harbor bad luck. Plum blossoms and especially the Lotus, evoke good luck. The Conch shell is fortuitous for travelers. Fruits such as pomegranates represent fertility and Oranges and Peaches signify long life. The Chinese word kum means Gold and is a good omen color for attracting wealth, as is Red. In ancient China, brides traditionally wore Red on their Wedding Day.

Whether for stimulating prosperity, good luck or happiness, the sheer beauty of our paintings will be a joy for all to behold.

The ultimate good luck symbol is the Dragon. This mythical creature has a very special place in the hearts of Chinese people.

Chinese Horoscope


PaintingsToGo® - New York Fine Art Gallery & Services
Enhances Corporate & Residential Interior Spaces
From empty to enriched, the right artwork or painting will realize your vision, for each interior space. Based on knowledge and experience, we create oil paintings and represent modern and contemporary artists. To implement creative concepts that is unique and practical, ensuring personal care, and solutions, for your project.
A great collaboration is central to the successful outcome of every custom oil painting, and art project. Developing a dynamic partnership takes attention to detail, clear communication and a sense of adventure. We respond by finding solutions that are fresh and unique to: Residential, Hospitality, Trade, and Corporate & Green Art
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